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Col. Yakov Z. Ginzburg, Navy Doctor, WW II Veteran and all Military People

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"To have the best society in the world and take it for granted, is a terrible thing. Don't take it for granted. It can be changed overnight. It's a daily process, a daily fight to keep it wonderful..."

We are all united with an overwhelming support for our Great Country and Heroes in the Military!

This site is not about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else – not about politics of it, but for the People who are in the military, who are our defenders on the front line where their country ask them to go and serve.


Animal Mother and the Duality of Man in ‘Full Metal Jacket’

Animal Mother. He’s the beautiful, M60-wielding bastard responsible for generations of teenage warrior-hopefuls pursuing careers as “a minister of death praying for war” — aka

NSPA contracts KBR for technical services for Patriot defence system

A MIM-104 Patriot system used by Germany. Credit: Darkone. The Nato Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has contracted US firm KBR to provide engineering and

US Army conducts aerial gunnery training with AH-64D Longbow Apache

The 1-130th AB Panthers returned home after successfully qualifying 22 crews. Credit: Spc. Hannah Tarkelly. The North Carolina Army National Guard’s (ANG) 1-130th Attack Battalion

Peace in the Clouds: How One of the World’s Deadliest Warriors Found His Zen

The sun has barely crested the snowcapped peaks of “his canyon” when Dan Schilling pulls into the back lot of Snowbird ski resort. He grabs

West Point’s First Black Graduate Was Born a Slave, Led the Buffalo Soldiers

Long before Henry Ossian Flipper became the first Black American to graduate from the US Military Academy at West Point, he was born into slavery.

Air Force Officer Saves Infant With CPR Training

A woman rushed out the door of her home, yelling for help. Her 2-month-old baby girl was motionless in her arms. Capt. Christopher Mavron, a

Photos that Shows the Kindness

Photoes wich shows kindness and great personalities of Soldiers. They protect us and help us like a God.