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Dedicated to the memory of my Dad, Col. Yakov Z. Ginzburg, Navy Doctor, WW II Veteran and all military people

"To have the best society in the world and take it for granted, is a terrible thing. Don't take it for granted. It can be changed overnight. It's a daily process, a daily fight to keep it wonderful..."

Robert Ginzburg
Salute Our Military! founder
October 22, 1999

We are all united with an overwhelming support for our Great Country and Heroes in the Military!

This site is not about the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else - not about politics of it, but for the People who are in the military, who are our defenders on the front line where their country ask them to go and serve.

Photos that will never make the news.....
Sometimes in our everyday lives we tend to forget what's going on elsewhere in the world and that the brave men and women of the service are just like you and I. They have family and friends back home who love them very much and are praying for their safe return.

Handcrafted Lapel Pins and other products for you to express your pride and provide support for Military Families and Veterans!

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